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Dynamic and input text

To enhance integration between the programs, Illustrator CS3 now lets you define text objects as Flash Dynamic or Input text via the new Flash Text panel. If you specify an Illustrator text object as either Dynamic Text or Input Text, it will be exported as the correct Flash type when using SWF Export, and it should also File > Import or Copy > Paste as the appropriate Flash object. Illustrator also now allows you to name these objects, so that they can be accessed programmatically.

While this list is by no means an exhaustive description of the new features of Illustrator CS3, it exemplifies Adobe's commitment to providing the best tools possible for your publishing needs. We hope you enjoy working with Illustrator CS3 as much as we do.
In this tutorial:
  1. What's New in Adobe Illustrator CS3
  2. Workspace improvements
  3. Control panel enhancements
  4. Document startup profiles
  5. Drawing enhancements
  6. The Eraser tool
  7. Live Color
  8. Layers panel enhancements
  9. The Crop tool
  10. Symbol workflow improvements
  11. Enhanced support for digital video workflows
  12. Dynamic and input text


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