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Using Preset Styles with Your Web Button

 Looking at the blue color of your button, you might feel it’s a little too bold. (For some reason all that blue makes me think of clowns or cartoons.) It just doesn’t feel right for a lawyer’s website.
We can change things up a little bit by exploring Photoshop’s preset styles. Styles are Photoshop designs you can apply to an entire layer. These preset styles contain a number of blending effects thrown together (by the nice people at Adobe) into a single design you can apply at the click of a button.
You can access these styles the same way you accessed the blending options.

  1. Right-click on the Circle layer and select Blending Options from the submenu. The Layer Style dialog box displays.

  2. Now select Styles on the left side of the dialog box instead of Blending Options, as shown in figure below.

     When you select Styles from the left side of the Layer Style dialog box, preset styles display in the middle of the dialog box.

  3. To view the different preset style libraries, click the right-facing arrow on the Layer Style dialog box. A submenu displays, with a list of style libraries at the bottom of the submenu.

  4. Select Text Effects 2 from the submenu.

  5. A dialog displays that asks if you wish to replace the current styles with the Text Effects 2 styles. Press OK to replace the current style.

  6. Select the Dark Red Bevel style, as shown in figure below.

  7. Press OK on the Layer Style dialog box. Your button should now contain a dark red bevel, as shown in figure below.

  8. Save your work as bing_home.psd.

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  2. Style Requirements for Web Buttons
  3. Creating a Web Button
  4. Adding Using Preset Styles with Your  Web Button
  5. Defining a Web Button (for a Rollover Effect)


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